The Month of Jack

Autumn Falls is a Halloween themed holiday resort on a small island due to open to the public in a week’s time. When contact with and access to the outside world is cut, several murders start taking place with a modus operandi pretty much identical to that of Jack the Ripper, the infamous Victorian killer. With the security team dead its left to the resort appointed sheriff and her deputy to bring the perpetrator to justice and protect the remaining inhabitations from his deadly blade; the Month of Jack has begun.
Odyssey Poster


Odyssey is a saga about a man who is a stranger to everyone, even to himself. He goes on a journey to find himself again and to find out about the terrible world he finds himself in. He is joined on his journey by Astarte, a woman who knows a lot more about his past than she is willing to say.

Odyssey Poster

The Life of Icarus

The life and times of Thomas Wayland, oh and his death. A prophecised modern Icarus child, left without a mother, who’s father is seduced by a serpentine woman seemingly straight out of Greek myth. The real question is what this all has to do with the head librarian of the local library and the father’s boss?

Odyssey Poster

Human Resources

Deborah Gordan’s life was a simple happy one until one day her girlfriend disappeared and everything changed. She finds herself in a world foreign to her yet disturbingly familiar. The sins of the past will not be forgotten nor forgiven. Do you believe in vampires? I think its time you did.

Human Resources Poster


Why is it that such a seemingly simple school incident has attracted the attention of a secretive government agency concerned with the Occult? Jason is a quiet, straight-A student, he has never been in trouble before, he is a good boy. He wouldn’t really want to hurt those boys even if they were mean to him. It was all just a misunderstanding, an accident surely. Above all else it was completely non-supernatural right?

Cacophony Poster

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